About Us

The Finest Bubble Tea House in Ohio

Chali Teashop provides the best Boba tea drinks by hand crafting them with the highest quality ingredients. The ingredients contain supreme mountain teas which are cold brewed, using fresh fruits, fresh milk, and amazing chewy boba. Chali Teashop creates a delicious and beautiful experience for Boba tea lovers in the Northern Ohio area.

Great Taste with Healthy Ingredients

Chali Teashop believes that handmade Boba drinks are not just about convenience but rather create a savoring life experience through the combination of food art originated from Asia. We promise to deliver fresh and tasty drinks to you every day. Best teas call for best ingredients and we proud ourselves in only giving the best ingredients to our guests.

Chali Teashop Key Features

Our drinks are a delightful and refreshing beverage that combines the goodness of real tea and fruit flavors with the options of boba pearls, jelly, and tapioca.

Fresh Tea and Fruit Flavors: Our drinks are made with real tea and fresh fruits providing a burst of natural flavors. Common fruit flavors include strawberry, mango, passion fruit, peach, lychee, and more to ensure a natural and authentic taste.

Chewy Boba Pearls: The boba pearls in fruit tea are typically made from tapioca starch and cooked until they become chewy and translucent. These boba pearls add a fun and unique texture to the drink, making it enjoyable to sip and chew on at the same time.

No Artificial Additives: Unlike some commercial fruit teas that use artificial flavors and sweeteners, natural boba fruit tea avoids synthetic additives. This makes our drinks a healthier option and appeals to those seeking a more authentic and wholesome beverage.

Customizable Sweetness: One of the advantages of boba fruit tea is that the sweetness level can be adjusted according to individual preferences. You can ask for less or more sweetness to suit your taste buds.

Iced and Blended Options: Boba fruit tea is often served over ice, making it a refreshing and cooling beverage, especially on hot days. Additionally, we offer blended versions of the drink, creating a slushy-like texture that’s perfect for a frozen treat.

Variety of Toppings: While the classic boba pearls are a popular topping, boba fruit tea allows for a wide range of creative additions. We offer a variety of toppings such as aloe vera cubes, coconut jelly, fruit jellies, or fresh fruit slices.

Hydration and Refreshment: Our drinks not only quench your thirst but also provide a pleasant burst of flavor and a satisfying textural experience, making it a popular choice among tea enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.






新鲜茶叶和水果制作: 我们的饮品由真正的茶和新鲜水果制成,带来阵阵天然风味。常见的水果口味包括草莓、芒果、百香果、水蜜桃、荔枝等,确保天然真实的口味。
嚼劲十足的波霸珍珠: 水果茶中的波霸珍珠通常由木薯淀粉制成,煮至有嚼劲且半透明。这些波霸珍珠为饮品增添了一种有趣而独特的口感,让人在品尝的同时还能咀嚼。
无人工添加剂: 与一些使用人工香料和甜味剂的商业水果茶不同,天然波霸水果茶不使用合成添加剂,是追求健康与美味者的绝佳选择。
可定制甜度和冰度: 荞麦果茶的优点之一是可以根据个人喜好调整甜度。你可以根据自己的味蕾要求减少或增加甜度。
冰饮和混合饮品: 波霸水果茶通常加冰饮用,是一种清凉爽口的饮料,尤其是在炎热的日子里。此外,我们还提供各式不同口味的饮料。
各种配料可选择: 经典的波霸珍珠是很受欢迎的配料,此外我们提供各种配料,如芦荟块、椰子果冻、水果果冻,以及新鲜水果片。
补水提神愉悦口感: 我们的饮料不仅能解渴,还能带来愉悦的风味和满意的口感体验,深受茶叶爱好者和休闲饮品爱好者的青睐。